Megaton Musashi ‘Free Update Vol. 3: Blue Lightning’ launches February 24, Getter Robo and Mazinger Z collaboration announced

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

LEVEL-5 [692 articles]” href=”″>Level-5 will release “Free Update Vol. 3: Blue Lightning” for Megaton Musashi [26 articles]” href=””>Megaton Musashi on February 24 at 10:00 JST, the company announced.

The update will add the new Druckter Titan, new Rogue Sparkman Wave, and new systems “Color Repaint,” “Items-to-Credits,” decals, and more.

In the future, “Free Update Vol. 4” will add a new color option for Authorizer, plus the new formidable foe “Crab Fusion Type S” and additional close-range weapons.

The company also announced that Megaton Musashi will feature a collaboration with Getter Robo and Mazinger Z, by which robots

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