Missing 700-year-old national treasure katana found in Australia【Video】

Originally published on Sora News by Casey Baseel


Katana was gifted to shrine by samurai lord two centuries ago, but has been missing for decades.

In the 14th century, one of Japan’s greatest swordsmiths was Etchu Norishige. Norishige’s forge was in the fief of Nei, present-day Toyama Prefecture, and from there he supplied katana of the finest quality to the warriors of Japan’s Kamakura period.

As masterfully made weapons, Norishige’s best works lasted for centuries. Eventually one of the blades came to be the possession of Shimazu Norioki, 27th samurai lord of Shimazu clan, who ruled the Satsuma domain (now known as Kagoshima) roughly 200 years

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