Netflix & France Reach Deal On Windows

Originally published on Dark Horizons by Garth Franklin

Netflix has signed a deal with the French film industry which will see the theatrical exclusivity window significantly reduced.

Until now, French cinema was unique in the world in that the mandatory window between a film’s theatrical release and it’s being available on a streaming service was a minimum of a full three years (36 months).

Under the new deal, Netflix will be able to show movies 15 months after their theatrical release in France. Netflix will also still be able to circumvent a theatrical release entirely by premiering titles directly online on a case-by-case basis.

Part of the deal will see Netflix investing at least $45 million (around 4% of their annual French revenue stream) in a minimum of ten local films to be released in French cinemas per year. There is also a diversity clause that will see Netflix need to commit a minimum of 17% of that $45 million to low-budget films.

The streamer will also “continue to promote an earlier window to better reflect consumers’ actual viewing habits” according to a spokesperson. They are the first and only streamer to have signed this agreement with France’s film organisations.

Source: Variety

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