“Perfume Closet” The whole picture of the new work is finally released & pre-order sales start from 8:00 on 3/29 (Monday)!

New email sent to P.T.A members announcing new PERFUME Closet lineup!

Excerpt below from email trainslated:

We announced the whole picture of the 5th new lineup of the fashion project “Perfume Closet” planned and produced by the members!
In the 5th apparel line, we propose a lineup that you can wear flexibly according to your lifestyle, such as fashionable relaxing wear, exercise wear, and outing wear!

In addition, the first cosmetic item “Makeup Multi Palette” from “Perfume Closet” has also appeared.
In spring, when many people start a new life, it is an item that will motivate you in any environment.
In addition, a new color will be added to the dance heel 6 cm Perfume short boots, so please look forward to it as well!

This time, in addition to e-commerce sales, we have decided to develop a new “fashion truck” mobile store!
Please see the Perfume Closet project site for details such as the date and time of the event.

Link to Perfume Closet Project Site

Please see below for original Japanese text of announcement.

「Perfume Closet」 新作の全貌がいよいよ公開&3/29(月) 8:00から予約販売開始!

メンバーが企画プロデュースするファッションプロジェクト『Perfume Closet』第5弾新作ラインナップの全貌を発表しました!

また、『Perfume Closet』から初となるコスメアイテム“メイクアップマルチパレット”も登場。

開催日時等の詳細はPerfume Closetプロジェクトサイトをご覧ください。

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