Restoring Nakagin Capsule Tower’s rare “pink capsule”, formerly used in the sex industry

Originally published on Sora News by Oona McGee

One final hurrah for the soon-to-be-demolished iconic building. 

After standing tall in Tokyo’s Ginza district since 1972, the iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower, designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, is set to be demolished this year.

This is in spite of the best efforts made by the building’s longtime tennants to save the twin-tower concrete complex and its 140 self-fabricated capsule apartments, including our own Japanese-language reporter Chie Nomura, who took up residence at Nakagin in May last year.

Nakagin Capsule Tower 

During her time at Nakagin, Chie became close with the community connected to the complex, including a man called Mr

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