Salt and Sacrifice – Mage hunting, crafting, and online co-op gameplay

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

Developers Ska Studios [11 articles]” href=””>Ska Studios and Devoured Studios [2 articles]” href=””>Devoured Studios have released a new gameplay video for Salt and Sanctuary sequel Salt and Sacrifice [5 articles]” href=””>Salt and Sacrifice showcasing Mage hunting, gear crafting, and online cooperative multiplayer.

Here is the developers’ summary of the video content:

Engage in a deadly game of predator and prey as a Marked Inquisitor sentenced to exterminate rogue MAGES. [427 articles]” href=””>Mages.Repurpose the eldritch remains of defeated Mages by crafting unique equipment with powerful abilities.Join comrades-in-arms online for cooperative Mage Hunts and player-versus-player

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