Tamagotchi 25th Anniversary Event Opens in Tokyo’s Namjatown

Originally published on Moshi Moshi Nippon by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON STAFF

The NAMJATOWN amusement park, located inside Ikebukuro Sunshine Plaza, will hold a special commemorative event with Tamagotchi from December 18 until January 23, 2022. The event celebrates the phenomenon’s 25th anniversary, and plenty of merchandise and prizes will be available!

Original Goods

Tamagotchi Acrylic Stands (14 varieties): ¥550 each (Tax Included) *Random

Kuchipatchi Glass: ¥1,500 each (Tax Included)

Tamagotchi Hand Towel: ¥1,100 each (Tax Included)

Tamagotchi Long Sleeve T-shirt, M/L Sizes: ¥3,800 (Tax Included)

Rally Game ‘Let’s Raise our Tamagotchi!’

Original Prizes: Tamagotchi Pair Charms (14 varieties, random) 

Original Fortune Slip「Tamagotchi Fortune Telling」


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