This Week’s Japanese Game Releases: Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, Cotton Fantasy, more

Originally published on Famitsu - Gematsu by Sal Romano

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires [11 articles]” href=””>Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires for PS5 [2,174 articles]” href=”″>PlayStation 5, Xbox Series [1,712 articles]” href=””>Xbox Series, PS4 [22,436 articles]” href=”″>PlayStation 4, Xbox One [10,466 articles]” href=””>Xbox One, Switch, and PC [14,245 articles]” href=””>PC, and Cotton Fantasy [7 articles]” href=””>Cotton Fantasy for PlayStation 4 and Switch are the highlights of this week’s Japanese video game releases.

Other notable new releases this week include Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi Sangi Tetsudou Hen [1 article]” href=””>Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi Sangi Tetsudou Hen for Switch and Uta no Prince-sama All Star

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