We tried all seven of Muji’s new “Bento of the Day” boxed lunch sets

Originally published on Sora News by Katie Pask

Can boxed lunches stay minimalist and delicious at the same time?

Japanese housewares brand Mujirushi Ryohin, better known as Muji, has got you covered when it comes to lifestyle goods.

From casual wear to mini houses to even food like famous Baumkuchen cakes, Muji has a reputation for selling affordably priced, understated goods, and one man who regularly partakes in a Muji shopping spree or two is our very own P.K. Sanjun.

On a recent trip to Muji’s Cafe Meal & MUJI stores, P.K. discovered they have started to sell bentos (boxed lunches). Not only that, but bentos whose menus

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